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Muslim in Rohingya

Assalammalaikum. Thanks to god, because still give me a chance to write about latest issue. About Muslim in rohingya. This is sad because no media or radio that tell this story. Subhanallah that Allah have chosen me and you the readers to know this issue. The story begin when I join usrah( a group of people who discuss about Islam) at the university. So suddenly there was a foreigner a man from rohingya who studies at here also. Then he tells us about their people. He said rohingya people have been killed and the mosque and others building have been burn down and collapse. His name is zahir and you guys can email him to know more about rohingya. This is he email babarpharm.iiuc11@gmail/ You also can search him on facebook by insert the yahoo mail. And just ask him about rohingya people. He will tell you better than me. For Malaysian there were
Rohingya Refugees Service Centre
ust. Mohammad Sultan Ahmad.
no phone +60195966998
facebook : Unirod

ahli lembaga  secretariat himpunan ulama rantau asia (SHURA)
pengerusi pusat perkhidmatan pelarian rohingya (PPPR)
pengasas/founder:arakan networking group(ANG)

no. 8-4,the right angle,
jln 14/22, seksyen 14, 46100,petaling jaya,
Selangor darul ehsan, Malaysia
Tel 03-79554300 faks:03-79554399

Lot s 14, tingkat 2, sp plaza sg.petani, kedah
Pejabat urusan di pulau pinang
Lot SB 1638, unit 3 pongsu seribu,
13200 kepala batas, SPU

 A survey of the Muslim world does not show a happy picture. When we look at Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Chechnya, all we can see is the oppression of the Ummah. Whilst these countries have been in the media and are well known amongst the Ummah, there are many other Muslims living under oppression that we may not even know of. The Rohingya Muslims do not get the publicity and are not as well known as the oppression in places such as Palestine or Kashmir. 

The Rohingya Muslims live in western Burma (now Myanmar) in the Arakan State which borders Bangladesh. Their ancestry can be traced to Arabs, Moors, Persian, Turks, Mughals, Pathans, and Bengalis.  The spread of Islam in the Arakan (and along the southern coastal areas of Bangladesh) mostly occurred through the sea-borne Sufis and merchants. The Rohingya Muslims are known to be one of the world's last great stateless people. Nearly 30% of the total population of the Arakan State are Bengali and this population is growing. 
1.5 million Rohingya Muslims live in Myanmar and another 1.5. Rohingya Muslims live abroad in countries such as Bangladesh, UAE, and Saudi Arabia due to oppression and persecution. The Rohingya Muslims are mainly employed as farmers.

The people of Myanmar are ruled by a brutal and oppressive military Junta called the State Peace & Development Council (SPDC). The military Junta regularly detains, tortures, and kills its citizens to maintain an iron grip on the country. The Junta oppress and abuse many ethnic minorities within Myanmar like the Rohingya Muslims. The Rohingya Muslims face much abuse.
Some of these abuses the Rohingya Muslim include the prohibition of marriage without state permission[1], this only applies to the Muslims and not the Buddhist people that live in Arakan, many face torture, rape, and forced slavery on roads and in camps. The Rohingya Muslims have been denied citizenship, land confiscation, forced eviction and extrajudicial killings. They need permission to travel from one part of the country to another. In 1997 over 40 mosques were destroyed by the military. The military destroys shrines, archaeological remains and graveyards to wipe out the Islamic cultural heritage of the Rohingya Muslims. 
Taxation is another method of oppression. A tax is due when Muslims want to marry and taxes are due on the collection of firewood and bamboo, taxes to register deaths and births, livestock, even taxes on football matches[2].  Rohingya pregnant women have to register and show their faces and abdomens to the authorities.  Because of travel restrictions Rohingya students face a life without education and learning. 
Rohingya religious leaders are harassed and tortured and sometimes their beards are forcefully shaved and forced to issue un-Islamic decrees.
The situation for Rohingya Muslims abroad that flee is not so great either.  In Bangladesh the Rohingya Muslims live in camps and are viewed with hatred and not with love as the Ummah of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم.  In Bangladesh the Rohingya Muslims are tortured by the police, beaten, locals snatch their firewood and abuse them as worthless people[3].  In Bangladesh the Rohingya Muslims are denied the right to work or receive aid.  In Bangladesh around 28,000 Rohingya Muslims live in officially recognised camps and around 200,000 Rohingya Muslims live outside the camps illegally.  In recent times a boatload of Rohingya Muslims were intercepted by the Thai army out in sea, after a few days in detention they were put back onto the boat with food, water and motors to power their boats many men, women, and children died[4].
In a hadith of an-Nu'man bin Basheer (ra) it is narrated that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:
"The example of the believers in their mutual love, compassion and empathy is like that of a body.  If one part of the body is hurt then the rest of the body calls out in sleeplessness and fever"
Even after the oppression the Rohingya Muslims hold on to the rope of Allah سبحانه وتعالى and Islam strongly.  We the Ummah of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم must be aware of every Muslims plight and oppression around the world.  Not only should we be aware, we need to work for their plight and oppression to be lifted as Allah سبحانه وتعالى will ask us what we did for the Ummah who were less fortunate.
Countries like China continue to support the military regime in Myanmar, we as Muslims need to ask why this regime has been allowed to flourish for this many years.  We need to ask why countries like Bangladesh continue to remain silent and in many cases treat the Muslims in a manner no different than Myanmar in treating the Rohingya Muslims as parasites that need to be moved elsewhere. The military of Bangladesh are quick to support UN missions around the World (Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to UN missions[5]) but lacks the will and drive and compassion to help the Rohingya Muslims. 
A sincere Muslim leadership (Khilafah) needs to emerge in South Asia who InshAllah represents the Muslims all around the world like the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the Philippine Muslims in the Philippines, and the Muslims of Thailand.  Without this leadership the Muslims will continue to suffer like the Rohingya Muslims and we will be powerless to stop the oppression meted out on them.
"O people, Truly Allah says enjoin the good and forbid the evil before you call upon me which means that I don't answer you and you ask me and I don't give to you and you seek Victory from me and I do not give you that Victory (because you did not enjoin the good and forbid the evil first)" (Ahmed, ibn Hibban, Bayhaqi)


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