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Modern Lut


Alhamdulillah, and grateful to our god, Allah Taala. Becouse he has give me an opportunity to write a new article titled Modern Lut. And Allah has give a chance to you, the readers to spread the beautiful of islam to the world.

First of all, I want to ask for forgiveness to all raeders becouse of my english skill and grammar. This is my first article in english.

Lets move to our main topic, as you can see, i deliberate to choose this topics titled Modern Lut becouse our modern world also do what  Lut clan do, Homosexual or gay. Latest (when I writing this article) in news also report about this case. A Student, an overseas student who are excellent student have married an English man. I also can’t believe it. How can a brilliant boy that give an excellent brain and mind by Allah to think which one is good or bad can do that ugly thing. He just repeats what Lut clan do. Indeed Allah has sent them the great prophet to show them the truth ways. The ways that Allah promise to his beloved mankind the heaven.  

Surah HUD records the story of this clan. How them have been destroyed by almighty Allah S.W.T. just in one night. And until now, nobody knows or imagines the disaster that destroys them.

All people know how the Lut clan is. Lut clan also known as Sodom clan. They were the first humankind. After prophet Lut propagate to the truth ways to loyal the Allah. They keep continued do the sin. Then Allah send 3 angel which is Jibrail, Mikael, and Israfil to destroy them (Sodom clan). Before that, they meet prophet Abraham and Sarah (Abraham wife).

MEANING: There came Our messengers to Abraham with glad tidings. They said, "Peace!"
He answered, "Peace!" and hastened to entertain them with a roasted calf. [HUD 11:69]

 But suddenly the entire guest (angel) does not touch the food even a little.

MEANING: But when he saw their hands went not towards the [meal], he felt some
mistrust of them, and conceived a fear of them. They said: "Fear not: We have
been sent against the people of Lut." [HUD 11:70]

And the angel tell Sarah about she will have a son named Isaac (Ishak) and after that Jacob (Ya’akub)
The 3 angel arrive at Lut village and change into 3 handsome men. They asked Lut’s daughter to accept 3 of them as a guest. Because she do not know that 3 of the man were angel she said to her dad to accept them before the villagers disturb them. But Lut’s wife told everyone that she have 3 handsome guest.

MEANING: And his people came rushing towards him, and they had been long in the habit
of practising abominations. He said: "O my people! Here are my daughters: they
are purer for you [if ye marry]! Now fear Allah, and cover me not with shame
about my guests! Is there not among you a single right-minded man?" [HUD 11:78]

 the villagers answers has recorded in Quran surah Hud verse 79

MEANING: They said: "Well dost thou know we have no need of thy daughters: indeed
thou knowest quite well what we want!" [HUD 11:79]

Prophet Lut reply

MEANING: He said: "Would that I had power to suppress you or that I could betake
myself to some powerful support." [HUD 11:80]

Suddenly the 3 of the guest says

MEANING: [The Messengers] said: "O Lut! We are Messengers from thy Lord! By no means
shall they reach thee! now travel with thy family while yet a part of the night
remains, and let not any of you look back: but thy wife [will remain behind]: To
her will happen what happens to the people. Morning is their time appointed: Is
not the morning nigh?" [HUD 11:81]

They said to Lut and his family to run away and never look behind. But prophet Lut’s wife do not care about the massage then she also have been ruin with the villagers.

MEANING: When Our Decree issued, We turned [the cities] upside down, and rained down
on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer. [HUD 11:82]

MEANING: Marked as from thy Lord: Nor are they ever far from those who do wrong! [HUD 11:83]

From the story. We can deduce many moral value and bad effect to our self. The god have created us in the best condition. Allah has created each of his creatures a pair. Our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W has warned us about gay or lesbian. And these people has damn by Allah. And those who are follow what prophet Lut’s people do.  He also will be damn. And hell is the last place.

So my brothers and sisters, there are still have time to ask for His forgiveness and we need to change our self and people around us. While this time, before Izrael comes to take our soul. Let’s pray together for hinder us from these entire damn thing…Amin.

That is it for the first article in English. And maybe the next article will come soon


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